Architecture CAD Training Courses

At ArchMAX India’s Training and Recruitment Centre, we have designed our architectural courses to provide candidates with software knowledge and skills that are aligned to architectural practices, thus helping them pursue their career in architectural drafting and design effectively.

AutoCAD Architecture Training Courses

We provide comprehensive AutoCAD Architecture Training Courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced users alike. In the basic courses, users get to know the commands of the software and are introduced to the design development, construction documents and other design tools. Candidates going for advanced courses get to know added functions and customisation of object styles and features. Our architectural training courses are delivered by trainers who have practical experience of architectural drafting and modelling for actual projects.

Revit Architecture Training Courses

We offer Revit Architectural Training courses to users of all levels.i.e from beginners to experts. For novices, we have a basic Revit Architectural Training course that will familiarise users with essential tools and enable them to create full 3D architectural project models and set them up as working drawings. For users with a basic knowledge of Revit Architecture, we have Advanced Revit Architectural course that covers the advanced features of Revit Architecture as well as the advanced detailing and documentation techniques.